Nomination: The Barnabas Award 2019

My brother Stu at “Something to Stu Over” nominated me for this award. It’s not the first time he has done this and I am full of gratitude that he continues to encourage me and root for me! May God continue to bless you brother as you continue to be a blessing for others!

β€œYou have been chosen for this recognition because of the encouragement and inspiration you bring to your readers.β€œ

The way this works:

Thank the person who nominated you, and share their blog.

Think of five bloggers that encourage and inspire you and nominate them.

List five things about yourself.

Lastly, ask your nominees five questions. Why five? Because is the number that signifies grace.

5 things about Janet

My pen name is J.S. Giles but my real name is actually Johnnatta. People call me Janet for short. My whole life I have had many nicknames because it’s hard to read and pronounce my real name at first πŸ™‚

I grew up in two different cultures and so I talk two different ways. If you ever watch my videos you will notice that!

I have struggled with insomnia since I was a little but through the Lord I am fighting to over come it.

I really really love pretty things. Clothes, shoes, jewelry you name it! But I hate shopping so I have very little of all of those things. Doesn’t make sense I know!

The Questions

1. Who in your life is your biggest encourager?

My husband hands down. Apart from the Lord he is my best friend. He has been my constant helper and leader.

2. How do you see yourself as being an encouragement to others?

I guess I just try to stay close to the Lord, do His will and share the hope of Christ. If I am a blessing to someone that blesses me.

3. When was the last time someone gave you words of encouragement?

Well Stu just did! But my husband and I have been painting the outside of the house for over a week and it’s been exhausting! I started to head in the house and he said “Good job babe!” It’s the little things, the little things!

4. When you are down, what encourages you to get back up and keep pressing on?

A lot of prayer. I still struggle with loving and believing in myself and so I know when I am getting close to a pit of despair I need to go pray. I give whatever is on my mind and heart over to God and ask for His peace. I ask that He will remind me of what He says and to never leave me. Without Him I can do nothing and I will not do one thing apart for Him.

5. Who was your greatest encourager when you first accepted Christ?

It is sad to say but when I accepted Christ no one knew about it. I walked my faith journey alone with the Lord from the time I was 7 until I was 21. Then I met my husband and he was the first person I ever met that loved the Lord like I did. I know I keep talking about this guy but hey it it what it is! The Lord led Him to me not only for marriage but he was also my mentor. Now I mentor him… JK lol

Stu I can’t agree more these questions are perfecto and I am asking the same questions I answered as well! I am nominating all of you because your writing is such a gift to me and really help inspire me. I love you guys and God bless as you continue to do God’s plans for your life. My nominees are:

Mathew from Honest Thoughts from a Pastor

Nichole from Redeeming Home

Gail from Gail Loves God

D.T. Osborn from TIL Journal

Efua from Grace Over Pain

Much Love


8 thoughts on “Nomination: The Barnabas Award 2019

      1. I’m so sorry, Janet! I have somehow changed it around. I am so glad you let me know before I did the reply post thanking you for the nomination! Please forgive me. I do know who you are, but somehow changed your name. You are so treasured, Janet!

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  1. I love this J! More importantly I love your genuine commitment to sharing what God is doing in your life and marriage. Thanks for sticking with it!

    Many have stopped blogging from when we started. But so many new and great bloggers have come forth 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks bro! I guess seasons change for everyone! Many have left that I followed too and I just got here lol it’s sad but if it’s the Lord’s will then it will be so for me!

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