Who I am


I was born and raised in Cincinnati Ohio a proud buckeye and that will never change! Being African American and growing up in all white suburban area gave me an unique and humble perspective. But at the age of 21 rural Kentucky became my home over night. Literally…. The culture shock gave me experiences I never thought I would go through. And I had no idea that land and farming would become my future dream. I have been barefoot, pregnant and loving it for almost 8 years here. Outside all of that here’s a bit of me:

I’m a writer + Life long Photographer

Who Loves:





Who Detests:


Lima Beans

Ferris Wheels (😂😥)

I struggle with But will overcome:

Self sabotaging

Cussing when angry


But the most important thing about me is my love for God. My need for Him. It was through Him I even hold these beautiful four babies and married to a Godly man. I am free from my abusive past because of His steadfast love for me. He is everything and all things me. And this blog is me sharing those things with you. I have never been more proud of who He has made me to be than I am right now. Every gift, every desire, He creates in me. A symphony of love from every note He plays in every season of my days.